Review on Rescue One Financial for Business Loans

Review on Rescue One Financial for Business Loans

If your small business is having a little trouble bridging between the timing of cash flows and receivables, Irvine, California based Rescue One Financial can connect you with some of the industry’s top business loan lenders.

We can link you to lenders with large funding amounts available, offering renewables up to $2 million.

While solving your capital needs is critical to your success, there are additional measures your business can implement to improve its bottom line. Here are fivecost cutting tips for small business:

  • Cloud sourcing – A growing number of companies are turning to independent contractors to perform specific tasks rather than hiring permanent employees. This allows you to save on the costs of finding a new employee, which typically costs around $4,000, studies show, along with providing their benefits. Independent contractors enjoy the autonomy of being their own boss and tailoring their work schedule to fit their own lifestyles. You can find them on web-based platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer.

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  • Go Paperless – You can save considerable money by eliminating as much paper as possible. Scan and email invoices to clients instead of faxing them. Most paper in an office is thrown away (hopefully recycled) within 24 hours of being printed. You can save big money on paper and labor costs by converting to electronic file storage with free online space services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Amazon Cloud Drive or Microsoft Office Live.
  • Collective purchasing – Large companies buy mass quantities of supplies, allowing them lower per-unit costs than what small businesses incur. Yet small businesses are the ones that often need the most help in this area. These days more small firms are collectively buying things with other companies, even their competitors, to achieve more bulk discounts. After all, it makes sense to forge such partnerships with companies that are using the same things you are. Reach out to them and see how they feel about the idea. They’re likely feeling pressure to cut costs too.
  • Bartering is still a thing – It’s an age-old practice but bartering can be just as useful in today’s modern business world than it was centuries ago. Think about things your company needs that cost the most and look for goods and services you produce that your suppliers might value. Calculate equitable amounts of each product or service and see if they would be willing to trade.
  • Doesn’t have to be shiny and new – Consider buying used equipment or leasing new equipment. This can be a huge cost saver. Often you don’t need a machine that’s brand new. You can find one that’s only been slightly used, perhaps by another company that failed. Or you can still have brand new equipment by leasing it, which costs less than buying and the vendor retains responsibility for its maintenance, which can be key when most equipment you buy only has a one-year warranty.
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